I love love LOVE art that has big drips or splatters on them! Sometimes art needs to let go of the controlled brush strokes and straight lines. Sometimes, you just need to splatter and marvel in the beauty of the chaos.

I never knew how artists accomplish the splatters, so I just had to play.  Firstly, don’t even try to use regular acrylic paint… I tried using one of those dripping mediums but it didn’t even come close to the effect I wanted.

So I tried using house paint…YES, HOUSE paint.  Not only does it work well for this effect, but it is also cheap!  Just take a brush and splatter away.  The more you put on the brush, the better.  Just don’t touch it once it’s on the canvas (as much as you are tempted to).  Just let it dry as it is and left is a beautiful, crisp and slightly shiny splattered area.

This “Ice storm” piece was my first attempt at house paint.  I love it. What do you think?


Ice Storm
Ice Storm (Full)


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