You can spend a fortune on art supplies. There are cheaper alternatives to the pricey paint additives.

In this example, instead of using my expensive modeling paste for adding texture (see my art piece “Shapely”) I used Drywall Compound – Yes, the stuff you use for taping and finishing drywall panels in your house!  I had some in my house and I thought “why not?!”. Art is all about playing around, isn’t it?

Cloud Art

I did a series of a storm cloud forming and dissipating (from my first love of weather) using the drywall compound for the clouds and rain.

I used a watercolour effect with acrylic paint. The ridges of the compound grabbed most of the colour leaving a cool effect with the colour distribution.

I will try this technique for future abstract paintings when I need a texture boost.  Give it a try!


Cloud Series

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