I believe in the beauty of nature

Angela HawkinsI am an artist who believes art should be playful yet strategic, composed in such a way that mimics nature and inspires positive emotion.  I love texture and colour and layer it together to create depth and interest in my paintings. My paintings vary from acrylic to watercolour, but have similar themes surrounding landscape and colour.  Even in some of my most abstract pieces, principles of landscape can be found.

Angela’s career started off in meteorology with a passion for storms and clouds. You can often find her paintings focused on the sky rather than the land.  Following her love of business, her career changed to digital marketing which satisfies her love of creative marketing and data.  Her art can sometimes be very calculated with geometry, but other pieces are free-flowing and whimsical.

Angela is originally from Chatham, Ontario but currently resides in London, Ontario with her husband, daughter and son.